Saturday, June 1, 2013

Final Days of Solitude

Today marks the first day of the month where I will embark in an entirely different kind of life, a marriage life. It means that there are things I have to let go:
  • my lovely housemates with whom I have been living together for the past 5 years.
  • special time and privilege with myself where I used to eat, drink, or do whatever stupid things to my heart's content.
  • exclusive control on my money, time, or life.

In return I will gain:
  • a loving roommate whose lovely face will be the first thing I see every morning.
  • special time and privilege with a great cook, a drinking buddy that will stop me while I'm sober, and the best friend to do wonderful things together.
  • a great financial controller, time manager, and life partner.

Not bad, huh? If it's still not convincing enough, she is also the one who:
  • is proud of me.
  • is patient with me.
  • is there for me when I feel lonely.
  • supports me when I am weak.
  • corrects me when I am wrong.
  • drives me when I am lost.
  • forgives me when I sin.
  • loves me for who I am.

And, the most important thing is, she is the one that I love with my life and choose to be my wife :)

Shot by our dear friend, Melisa

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